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bongo_atelier's Journal

Bongo Atelier
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Adventures in painting & drawing & seeing & being; tools & materials & love of the craft.
Welcome to fellow working artists who like to have a place to talk about their passion for their materials, share info and knowledge, ask questions, etc. And to anyone who loves painting and is interested in learning more, sharing info on painting :)

While the focus here may lean toward realism in painting and drawing, the community is open to anyone in any medium who's interested in further learning or honing their drawing or painting skills, hand/eye coordination, developing a lively seeing eye. This isn't the place for big debates though on what schools or what theories are bigger or hotter or any of that jazz; it's just a place for those who are passionate about their art to share their passions.

Why "Bongo Atelier"?

Online Etymology Dictionary -
noun, plural one of a pair of small tuned drums, played by beating with the fingers.
1920, from Amer.Sp. (West Indies, esp. Cuban), from a word of W. African origin, cf. Lokele (Zaire) boungu.

American Heritage Dictionary -
at·el·ier (āt'l-yā') Pronunciation Key
n. A workshop or studio, especially for an artist or designer.
[French, from Old French astelier, carpenter's shop, from astele, splinter, from Late Latin astella, alteration of Latin astula, diminutive of assis, board.]

--So, a workshop of sorts, for your fingers to find their rhythms ;)
(Plus, it's less pretentious than just 'Atelier', which I do like, since it rolls off the tongue so nicely....)